What you are about to see is the culmination of a multi-layered assignment that really forced the students to tackle a huge issue.  On the most basic level, students were asked to create a poster that championed a social issue... anything from environmental issues to domestic issues to teen issues.  On top of that, they were asked to research and write about that topic.  The writing could only be a very specific length, and it had to cover certain issues. 
The students then had to learn how to sketch their ideas on paper, and communicate their intent through a one on one conference with the teacher.... both are skills that are harder to master than you might think.  Lastly, they were asked to work in Adobe Illustrator, a program that they had only begun to learn a month or so before.  And if that wasn't enough, they weren't allowed to use color to aid in their design... only black and white for these guys.  With all of those pressures, the poster & layout they created is worthy of some SERIOUS admiration.  Way to go guys! 
Mr. Sanders
11/22/2009 07:37:07 am

You guys should all be really proud of your work... for the first project, you guys all did a really great job! One down, plenty more to come!

Jacki Steele
11/22/2009 10:31:12 pm

Mr. Sanders,
Please express my sense of extreme pride in the work your students have created. It is exemplary of the old addage, " A picture is worth a thousand words."

Their posters clearly impact their "voice" with regards to issues facing the youth of today and beyond. Thanks for sharing. They are my "literacy giants" of the day!

Ms. Webb
11/22/2009 10:45:19 pm

These are great!!! A lot of thought and hard work are shown to be put in! These posters have great messages and you and your students should be very proud:-)

Coach SMith
11/22/2009 10:48:58 pm

WOW! It is amzing to see how deep young students can think. Now, the question is, will they act on it? Great posters. Hope to see some of those posters make a difference with action.

Mrs, Lagana
11/22/2009 11:04:36 pm

The posters are fabulous! Your students were very creative with presenting their topics.

Tracey Beckwith
11/22/2009 11:16:48 pm

WOW...What awesome talent is evident in these posters...I am so proud of each and everyone one...

Mrs. Fox
11/23/2009 12:39:10 am

I am in awe of all the talent your students have shown. Great job.

Liz Perdue
11/23/2009 04:47:13 am

All I can say is WOW!!! I am in awe of the talent expressed here! I would love to use some of these in my high school health class. Congratulations!

11/23/2009 01:36:12 pm

I truly believe all of your student's work is amazing. They all have the heart and potential that we are looking for in our program at Florida Atlantic University. Please, Mr. Sanders keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to visiting your website again and viewing many more amazing pieces from potentionally future FAU students.

Guy Eby
11/23/2009 10:31:24 pm

As someone who has worked in the graphic design field before I can honestly say I am looking at some professional level work here. Kudos to you and your students. You should be proud of them and they should be proud of themselves!

Ms. Manzano
11/24/2009 12:28:10 am

The posters are amazing! I am very impressed with the quality of work your students are creating. They should be proud of themselves for a job well done. Keep up the excellent work!


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