Can Anyone Direct Me to the Perfume Aisle?

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If there is any one retail outlet more intimidating than the local giant home improvement warehouse hardware mecca, point it out, please.  You can get lost just locating a shopping cart.  One thing is certain:  the target audience of these emporiums is heavily male.  Now imagine you are asked to consult on a new brand of über-spacious hardware paradise, this one targeting women.  List at least twenty ideas to make the local oversized hardware warehouse appeal to a female demographic.
2/2/2010 08:14:14 pm

Sean A.
2/2/2010 08:21:02 pm

1. Make it pink.
2. Have it make whatever it uses smell nice.
3. Have it clean as it works.
4. Put flowers on it
5. Have the case look like a purse
6. Put teddy bears on it.
7. Make it cheap
8. Have a function that makes clothes.
9. Make the Aisles yellow bricked.
10. Make all the salesman Calvin Klein models
11. Paint the store bright colors
12. Have a store clothing line.
13. All the tools come with either Shoes or jewelry
14. Have little golf carts drive the women around the store.
15. Have girly music play in the store.
16. Make a perfume line
17. Have a hair salon in the store.
18. Have a nail stylist in the store.
19. Have a dance floor.
20. make a Fasion studio.

Bobby Ullmann
2/2/2010 08:24:08 pm

1.Make it smell good
2.put a starbucks coffee inside
3.make a more up scale women's bathroom
4.bigger shopping carts
5.cheerful, bright welcoming colors
6.bigger garden section
7.women only designated parking area
8.50% if your a woman day
9.a kidcare area so they can shop in peace
10.hire more women
11.create nice landscape in front of bulding
12.intergrate a Homegoods type of store into it
13.women friendly music
14.create a more appealing logo
15.create a clothing line
16.bigger store, with lower shelving
17.electronic shopping carts, so they dont have to walk
18.carpet the floors
19.ATM machine
20.nail salon

Josue Vasquez
2/2/2010 08:26:26 pm

1. Colorful colors to attract female customers.
2. Creat banners
3. Discounts
4. Create posters to attract more female customers.
5. Trial offer on any of the hardware store tools.
6. More female workers, that work at the hardware store.
7. Nice sense of security.
8. Nice scent inside the hardware store.
9. Free credit card, with a purchase of $200 or more.
10. Have commercials that air on t.v for women, that talk about the hardware store.
11. Free tools if your a women...
12. Win a life time supply of tools ..if you are a women, you must enter your name in a machine and who ever the macine picks they win..
13. Have music that women like..
14. Play pen for those mothers who cant shop without the disturbance of their child.
15. Larger garden area for the ladies and kitchen isle.
16. Free gift cards
17. Free food.
18. Coffee for those who come early to the grand opening of the store.
19. Nice slogans that attract women.
20. Flowers around parts of the store.. mainly in front.

Connor Coppock
2/2/2010 08:28:17 pm

1- Give the store a fun, catchy name.
2- Make the store smell nice.
3- Advertise for the store in places that mostly women would visit.
4- Air commercials for the store on women's TV channels.
5- Give small goodie bags to anyone who purchases a certain amount of supplies.
6- Have small lotteries weekly, for things like spas and makeovers.
7- Sell chocolate.
8- Offer more than just hardware in the store (clothes, etc.)
9- Hire a woman as the manager of the store.
10- Offer self-help in certain locations in the store.
11- Hire bodybuilders to show off in front of the ladies.
12- Allow bargaining of prices.
13- Package small vials of perfume in some (or most) deluxe item packages.
14- Add a small restaurant inside the store.
15- Put mirrors all around the store.
16- Add giant glass ceilings to send in a lot of light, making the place more cheery.
17- Set a date for sales days.
18- Add plenty of places to sit down in-store.
19- Make the entire store high-heel accesible (i.e. no slopes)
20- Play soft music over the loudspeakers while in the store.

Kenna C.
2/2/2010 08:28:35 pm

1. Paint the warehouse a variety of different feminine colors.
2. Make it very simple and clear.
3. Use advertisements that instill a sense of femininity.
4. Primarily sell indoor hardware tools.
5. Provide training courses for do-it-yourselfers.
6. More aisles set aside for décor only.
7. Sell tools and hardware in girly colors such as pink or red.
8. Have large garden center.
9. Employees should be mostly female to comfort the costumers.
10. Sell more than just hardware; include aisles that contain beauty products.
11. Advertise to make the warehouse more welcoming and inviting.
12. Mark down prices on the some of the merchandise, such as home décor.
13. Have simple clear instructions about all of the tools.
14. Larger kitchen centers.
15. Include safety gear with the more complicated machinery.
16. Make inside more inviting with soft colors and textures.
17. Make the logo for the warehouse feminine using soft colors and shapes.
18. In commercials, make sure the employees and costumers are mostly female.
19. Provide books/pictures in the aisles for ideas about decorating the home.
20. Provide large colorful tool kits that contain tools for simple home improvement.

Smith T.
2/2/2010 08:29:47 pm

1.Stuff on Sale
2.Smell good inside
3.nice music
4.lots of freindly workers
5.not have the aisle so high
6.not have such a plain logo
7.advertisements targeting women
8.easy to understand descriptions of items.
9.add bright colors
10.add some fluff and not so much rough
11.hire more female workers have the kitchen and garden section bigger and refreshment stand work hung around
15.drink and vending machines give aways
17.have flowers and plants everywhere
18.magazine racks at check out
19.colorful packaging
20.everything is neat and clean

calvin pierre
2/2/2010 08:30:19 pm

female cashiers and salesmen
female related brands
flowers and calming plants
feminine colors
calming colors
calming music
salesmen and women that can better connect with females
a more feminine name for the store
feminine appealing art
feminine appealing advertisements
designer brands high-end brands
a female store advertising and design director
a female store interior decorator
clean restrooms

Caleb Burchard
2/2/2010 08:30:46 pm

1. Interior Decorated appropiately
2. Use of brighter and more welcoming colors
3. Have more bathrooms
4. Signs easier to read
5. Merchandise labeled more generically
6. Paint section has mostly femonine colors
7. Map of the store at locations throughout the store
8. Hire mostly female employees
9. Make the name of the store more inviting
10. Make the colors on the outside of the store more appealing towards women.
11. Have people to help the women carry certain heavy merchandise.
12. Make the store smell nicer and more inviting
13. Change the color of certain merchandise to make it more femonine
14. Make the heavy duty tools section smaller and things like the gardening section bigger
15. Add more magazine stands
16. Have a large clearance section
17. Have attractive males as greeters
18. Instead of the hard concrete floor make it carpet
19. A small coffee shop or restaurant inside
20. Always have someone push their cart to their car for them.

2/2/2010 08:30:51 pm

5.pots & pans
6.air fresheners rags
8.sponges bloc bags
11.laundry ditergent
12.laundry baskets soap
16.iron & ironing board
17.bleach containers

2/2/2010 08:31:50 pm

1. Colors
2. Deals
3. Samples
4. Clothes
5. Have more stuff than tools
6. Design the tools to fit women
7. Sales
8. Make things easy to read
9. Make symbols for every row
10. Make the tools smell good
11. Females get discounts
12. Monthly parties
13. If you purchase more than 100 dollars then you get entered into a contest and can win money
14. More up scale decorations
15. Have all the storage hid
16. Have computers there so that people could type in a tool and it would give them the row its in
17. If stuff is to heavy have people there to help lift it
18. Have memberships
19. Free waters
20. Have a cafe

Ron D
2/2/2010 08:32:55 pm

1.pots and pans
2.feather dusters
3.sandwich supplies =D tools for gardens
6.Windex, Swiffers, OxiClean, and ShamWow!
7.toilet paper
8.vacuum cleaners
9.those nifty yellow gloves the lady from the brady bunch wears
10.stoves and kitchen appliances
11.sponges soap
13.laundry detergent
14.washers and dryers
16.bathroom accessories (shower curtains, funky smelling soaps, etc.) (including shoes and what-not)
18.paintings and pictures to go around the house
19.paint, paint brushes, paint rollers, etc. supplies

Michael Engler
2/2/2010 08:37:01 pm

1. Feminine colors instead of the boring orange/brown colors.
2. Bigger gardening section.
3. Smell nicer
4. Lose the stained apron employees walk around with.
5. Decorate.
6. Include an ad for it on the cover of Vogue.
7. Hire more welcoming employees.
8. Make the store easier to navigate.
9. Clearly labeled aisles.
10. Women are shoppers, so big shopping carts.
11. Easier to find restrooms.
12. Store directory.
13. More woman appealing store name, such as "Hardware HEAVEN"
14. Include martini mini bar.
15. Hire chivalrous males to help women as they shop.
16. Add TVs continuously tuned to lifetime and Desperate Housewives reruns.
17. Magazine rack at checkout that includes the O, housekeeping, and vogue.
18. Coupons/clearance
19. Include more crafty supplies.
20. Play feminine music.

Yana Yegorova
2/2/2010 08:37:11 pm

1. Have a simple map layout everywhere in the store.
2. Have a smaller store, or seperate buildings.
3. Sell tools that can be more easily used or easier to handle.
4. Focus advertising on the female demographic.
5. Focus on the organization, look, and cleanliness of the store.
6. Display more females in the brochures and other information documents.
7. Offer samples of products,such as paints and carpets.
8. Obtain designs of products that appeal more to females, such as cute wallpapers.
9. Offer a prize gift with every two or so purchases.
10. Include chocolates and perfumes near the cashier isles.
11. Offer special deals on items that appeal more to females.
12. Offer free aid in carrying items bought from the store to a vehicle.
13. Store guides that explain how to use tools, or help decide which one to get.
14. Place flowers around the store.
15. Add a nice, fragrant garden section.
16. Play music that appeals to the female demographic.
17. Hold contests with prizes such as gift cards to clothing stores.
18. Chocolate samples everywhere.
19. Make the store more colorful and bright.
20. Have a wifi cafe in the store.

Brittany D.
2/2/2010 08:39:50 pm

Create a sort of Home and Garden magazine but for the hardware store.

2. Make the store two stories and put in an escalator.

3. Change the logo. Make it more chic.

4. Provide free installation for almost everything in the store.

5. Make the exterior of the building very modern with neutral colors.

6. Have lush gardens on the exterior as well as interior.

7. Make the store smell like baking goods and flowers.

8. Provide a few lounging areas with free snack bar and martini bar.

9. Make the ceiling glass so the sun can shine through. Easy accessible tanning!

10. If not then provide a tanning salon.

11. Wild 9.55 and or some sort of 80's station should be the on-going radio station being played.

12. Provide a lush but inexpensive spa,for when they start to feel stressed.

13. All sales personnel should be male and must be at least cute to work at the store.

14. All sales personnel must have good bodies for their uniform.

15. The uniform will consist of no shirt and only boxers to give the women something to look at while being helped :D.

16. The interior of the building should be fun and bright but not ridiculous colors.

17. Tv's should be strategically placed around the store playing VH1 and MTV, and/or music videos.

18. The store should building a classy luncheon restaurant.

19. The store must contain phenomenal signal for cellphones/smartphones. Facebook and/or Twitter updates are a requirement.

20. Place a Yankee Candle inside.

21. Place a Coach inside.

Graham Q.
2/2/2010 08:43:56 pm

1:Set up in a more clear manner
2:Brighter color scheme
3:Have a larger more diverse garden
4:Tools built with women in mind
5:Appliences more suited to needs of women
6:Lines on ground indicating where things are located.
7:Have the smell feminine
9:Male model Employees
10:Female Employees
11:More publicity
12:Salon hair studio
13:Massages while waiting
14:Low shelving/Elevated walkways(highheel friendly)
15:Regular cleaning
16:Security in the building to feel safe
17:Feminine music (lady gaga/boy bands)
18:Easier to read logo
19:Brighter more interesting logo
20:Advertise the store in women magazines

2/2/2010 08:45:15 pm

1. Paint the walls inviting colors.
2. Get a line of hardware more specifically targeted at woman.
3. Have a better garden section.
4. Have more women staff.
5. Create a logo with brighter colors.
6. Make the setup of the store more organized.
7. Create a section of ideas for projects.
8. Make it smell good.
9. Refreshment center.
10. Put on music.
11. Have more sales days.
12. Market the store in places women are most likely to go in.
13. Have a larger interior design center.
14. Memberships that give you special deals.
15. Have help to life heavy items.
16. Make some shelving of the store lower and more easy to reach.
17. Sale things other than tools.
18. Make simple instructions on how to use tools.
19. Make a commercial selling dirsctly to women.
20. Have a map of locations throughout the store.

2/2/2010 08:46:17 pm
5.nail salon
6.a more atrractive scent within
7.have a women day discount
8.employees who can talk to women who may not understand something.
9.sell candy for v-day
11.a good selection of books/magazines
12.a baby section
13.colors for women
15.more emphasis on tools they may use
16.a clean enviroment equally treated styling supplies
19.make the logo a bit femine n masculant mapping

Anthony C
2/2/2010 08:47:50 pm

5)Comfortable hold on tools
6)Decorative Wording
7)Good Cellphone service
8)Perfectly maintained outside
9)Comfortable music
10)Brief description of each tool.
11)People willing to carry purchased items to the customers car.
12)Shelves lower to the ground
13)Gossip Area
14)Tutorials on how to use a certain tool
15)Garden area.
16)Free Colorwheel
17)Play house for children
18)Taxi carts in the store.
19)Bags for purchased items are purses
20)Female workers

miguel d
2/2/2010 08:48:27 pm

1. kitchen supplies
2. gardening
3. decoration stuff.
4. cleaning
5. furniture.
6. artsy things
7. a small groceries section
8. inexpensive
9. have a clothing section
10. catalogs full of certain dates for sales.
11. colourful name.
12. fun poppy music
13. free coffee
14. make finding things simple
15. hair care and accessories
16. have a small resturant in the store.
17. sell books
18. have a funish logo
19. the store also needs a nice smell
20. sell colourfulish tools

2/2/2010 08:50:16 pm

1. The store could have an aisle of gardening tools for women like colorful rakes, and shovels.

2. There could be a huge garden section aisle of flowers and plants, water pails, and fertilizer.

3. Outside the store, there could be a clearance booth full of garden hats for women and pink or red garden gloves.

4. Complete fancy sets of kitchen plates and silverware.

5. Washing machines and dryers 10% off.

6. Cleaning supplies like dusters and mops in creative styled colors.

7. Air freshners in a variety of different scents.

8. There can be sunhats for sale and garden bags.

9. There should be a nice magazine section with women magazines like "Family Life".

10. The store itself should have nice walls and floors that are not dull colors so that it seems more welcoming.

11. The store should have both women and male workers helping you so that women could get another woman's opinion.

12. There could be tool boxes with all pink tools to appeal more to women.

13. Posters and advertisements in colorful colors and textures should be placed around the store to appeal to women's eyes.

14. There could be an aisle for children's play tools so that maybe the women could buy toy tools for their children.

15. There could be a specific clearance aisle that has different items everyday.

16. There could be nice looking rugs for sale.

17. The store should be easy to navigate around with big aisle numbers and signs so women shoppers don't get overwhelmed.

18. Curtains and decorating objects could be for sale.

19. There could be a little booth of refreshments for sale inside like tea or starbucks coffee.

20. Those coupon magazines could be placed right when you enter so that women feel more like they're at a walgreens and can get deals.

Rosa P.
2/2/2010 10:26:14 pm

1)Have perfume isles,
2)and a spa.
3)Paint walls: pink, soft peach etc.
4)Have hair and makeup tricks by the bathroom’s sink.
5)HUGE stores filled with woman’s clothes.
6)Include a dog salon.
7)Hair salon, with low prize Paul Mitchell products,
8)include hair ideas, techniques, tricks etc. inside.
9)Have a strong, well dressed gentleman greet woman at the door
10)Include low prize wedding stores,
11)as well as low prize Sweet 16 stores w/ party planners.
12)Pregnancy clinic,
13)baby product store,
14)with cheap daycare.
15)Couple clinics.
16)Include a gym with fun activities.
17)Public fashion show for everyone to enjoy,
18)with an all-type food buffet surrounding it.
19)Have fashion contest, winner gets free clothes and shopping spree.
20)Huge food market w/ cooking classes and kitchen-tools giveaways.

Anthony Springsteel
2/3/2010 02:22:45 am

1. Have a Spa in the store
2. Have male body builders work there
3. Make all the tools pink
4. Have seminars that teach women how to do certain jobs
5. Have a weekly women only meeting
6. Have it sponsored by Victoria Secret
7. Earth friendly tools
8. Make it smell like holister
9. Any purchase over $50 free manicure
10. Any purchase over $100 free pedicure
11. Sell organic food
12. Have inspirational quotes
13. Redesign the stores from their rugged look to more feminine style
14. Single mom discount
15. Recent breakup discounts
16. Ice Cream, chocolate and candy isle
17. Own personal salon
18. Age appropriate tools
19. Library
20. Free valet parking with free loading and unloading tools

Nicholas M
2/3/2010 02:35:05 am

1. Have a sweet scented smell
2. Couple advice
3. Fun and danceable music.
4. How to get over your ex. products.
5. Emotional snack's made on the spot.(chocolate,cake,etc.)
6. Everything color coordinated.
7. Free chick-flicks on rainy days.
8. A way to choose what they like without the prices so their boyfriends/husband can know what to buy as a present. such as a wish list.
9. Cosmetic appliances
10. chances to in a modeling contract.
11. Young, muscular, gentleman as employees.
12. pictures of male models around the store.
13. Discounts on purses and clothing
14. puppy store
15. member parties with extra sale rewards
16. the interior decorated by women with everything very organized and color choices.
17. Have random candy in the isles and lollypops
18. Cook books and utensils
19. Party CIty type section with decorations, etc.
20. A small garden with flowers. Flowers around the store for decoration.

justin henderson
2/3/2010 02:35:55 am

1.have special deal with tools and clothes
2.have pink and purple tools
3.sell make up
4.have flowers everywere
5.have automatic shopping carts
6.gardening tools
7.sell clothes shop flooring wifi with tools and woods with perfume
13.realxing section
14.male model show
15.organised aisle pictures
18.bright colors
19.sell shoes
20.high class restraunt

Paul Buccieri
2/3/2010 02:38:18 am

1. Free tampons with purchases over $20.
2. Free recipe hand outs at the door.
3. Annual bakesales.
4. Free flowers.
5. Shirtless Male models in advertisements.
6. Make some appliances pink.
7. Have a lot of sales.
8. Expand the garden and flower centers.
9. Tropical Smothies.
10. Cleaner floor.
11. More cleaning utensils.
12. More frilly.
13. More organized.
14. Raffles.
15. Cooking classes.
17. Lingerie section.
18. Tvs with soap operas on constantly.
19. Nice, clean bathrooms.
20. Smell nice.

Jonathan H.
2/3/2010 02:40:11 am

1.) sales on gardening tools/outfits
2.) welcoming banner in pretty colors
3.) sweet aroma
4.)make the temperature comfortable
5.) free samples
6.) fury shopping cart handles
7.) bright colored paint job
8.) T.Vs that showcase women using tools
9.) buy one get one free
10.) female manikins showing outfits
11.) sweet music
12.) fashioned work cloths
13.) breast cancer association products
14.) sexy male models working cash register
15.) free chocolate when they enter store
16.) 15% off everything with membership
17.) bright sky lights
18.) flower decorations
19.) hair salon
20.) famous singer (like neil diamond) visits periodically

Adrienne Wells
2/3/2010 02:40:18 am

1. Comfortabley painted, not bland.
2. Lots of signs to help locate things
3. Large colorful advertisements
4. Not only automobile hardware, but equipment for other things like machines for the house (blenders, vacooms, etc.)
5. Catalogs
6. Clean enviroment
7. Tools able to be easily cleaned
8. Having hardware thats enviromentaly friendly, uses less power
9. Having sections for art
10.Sections for outdoor activities
11.Sections for cooking supplies
12.Sections Clearly separated
13.Having some sort of indoor cafe
14.A stand for donations to charities
15.Organized well
17.The store having a high rating, Like schools are rated A, B, C..
18.Large music selection, with music equipment (sterioes)

Ralph Plescia
2/3/2010 02:46:09 am

1.color difference, pink maybe?
2.more organized.
3.feminine smell
4.feminine music in store
5.different lighting in store, feminine
6.clearance isles products
8.more male workers. in hardware stores
10.tile floors
11.automatic doors
12.isle names, not get lost.
13.resting chairs like in the mall
14.sell candy
15.vending machines. on walls to leave children food products
20.nail products

Andre Weir
2/3/2010 02:46:28 am

1-changed the hardware smell
2-Food samples
3-Free massages
4-Perfume samples
6-more flower sections
7-an all women isle
9-Fashion Show events
10-coupons for women stuff
11-Art- drawings, painting, etc
13-Hardware training
14-Women clothes-stylsih
15-teeth whitening
16-marraige counceling
17-All guy workers
18-day care
20-hair salon

Megan Hatch
2/3/2010 02:47:45 am

1.Organized Aisle
3.Free Sample
5.Colorful Probducts
6.New Appealing Uniforms
7.Bright Displays
8.Light-Weight Tools
9.Food Center
10.Accesories for tools
12.Flowery Smell
13.Babysitting Area
14.Good-looking male workers
15.Sale Aisle
16.Bigger parking lots
17.Free gift with purchase
18.Cute gloves/boots area
19.Valet Parking

Suzzette Bell
2/3/2010 02:50:51 am

1. Free flowers
2. Make tools not so heavy
3. Have them make naural perfumes in the garden section
4. Have free DIY adds
5. Make "hardware" clothes
6. Make coupons
7. More apeeling flooring
8. Have some paints smell good
9. Give ideas on how to use some things in the store
10. Make there colors brighter
11. Play music in the store
12. Sell candy/chocolates
13. Make hardware hand bags
14. Sented bags
15. Have a day were people can come in and make things from the hardware store
16. Make most workers young men
17. Be greeted at the door
18. Have it were the workers from the store can go to your house and help with the hradware things
19. A baby changer in the bathroom
20. Make natural make up

2/3/2010 02:54:06 am

1. Everything PINK !
2. Have pictures of bodybuilders!
3. Flowers with every purchase
4. Resturant
5. A chatting room :)
6. Shirtless, buff model workers
7. Big pictures of what's in that isle
8. Hot instructors for how to use tools
9. Daily sales
10. Nicer wallpapers.
11. Real fun music instead of evelator music
12. Hot worker to hold your purse and bags
13. Have a coffee shop like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts
14. People to tell you how wonderful you are
15. Free Spa Day w/ purchases over $100
16. Free nailpolish
17. Free chocolate w/ every purchase
18. ALWAYS be clean
19. Nice scents
20. Create a clothing line

Joshua Capellan
2/3/2010 02:54:34 am

1. Flower Designed Wallpaper
2. Pink or Yellow Paint
3. Girly Paint Brushes
4. Fresh Scented Spray
5. Nail Polish
6. Perfume
7. A Bat Say "You Cheating B*****D" (So When Her Husband Cheats)
8. Clean Home Depote
9. Posters With A Woman
10. How To Get Your Husband To "Just Talk" at Late Nights Book
11. Lingerie Section
12. Diet Foods & Beverages
13. A Picture Of Johnny Dept (Apparntly Girls Love Him)
14. Channell Bags
15. Love Match Meetings In The Store
16. Mirrors
17. Make Up Section
18. I Hate My Husband Club
19. More Wood
20. Jewley

Kevin Guzman
2/3/2010 11:28:26 am

1) change the color
2) change the smell
3) make it clean
4) carpet it, the entire store
5) daycare center
6) ice cream shop
7) have a section filled with vacuums
8) carts that stroll themselves
9) a gossip section
10) more kitchen objects
11) coffee shop
12) movie theater
13) security that has a low tolerance for ugly people
14) wallpaper
15) video instructions on how to do everything
16) TV's in the stalls
17) a salon
18) staff made up of bodybuilders
19) flowers, some landscaping
20) free candy

Roshnee Kissoon
2/4/2010 01:51:26 am

1. feminine color
2. sell lattes
3. have good looking men working there
4. offer beauty tips
5. sell makeup
6. sell clothes
7. have diet ideas
8. offer beauty magazines
9. have occasional fashion shows
10. teach girls how to use hardware
11. offer hardware in appealing color and designs to women
12. have sales
13. make the ladies room inviting and high class
14. have decorations
15. offer day care while women shop
16. have a small but nice art gallery
17. have a spa for women to relax when they get tired of shopping
18. offer free manicures
19. sell lots of chocolate
20. have enjoyable music always playing in the background

Nick Robinson
2/4/2010 02:04:09 am

1. Change the color of the stores. less dull colors and more vibrant ones like pink.
2. Instead of the stores smelling like wood dust and cardboard, the store could have a constant stream of sweet smelling fragrences.
3. the stores should also be much cleaner.
4. the stores need to be better organized.
5. a staff made up of young sexy men.
6. daily seminars of the staff showing the women how to do projects around the house themselves.
7. the store should also have a dedicated floral section.
8. a daycare center.
9. a salon.
10. a spa.
11. a coffee shop.
12. a section of the store dedicated to make-up
13. a fashionable store clothing line available to the women customers.
14. the store should be filled with appealing art.
15. dance music should be played throughout the store.
16. the store could also have a jewelry section.
17. cheaper prices.
18. a more respectful, more forgiving staff to help the women find things in the store and to take their things back to the car.
18. cleaner restrooms.
19. free samples of food, make up, and perfume.
20. a dedicated cooking/kitchen area

kevin mcintyre
2/5/2010 02:25:33 am

-Bright colors(pink,yellow,red)
-nice service
-masculant workers
-lotion applicators(rather than hand sanitizer)
-cleaner isles
-womens work siminars
-chocolates the shape of tools. :P
-beauty packages.
-womens club card
-fashionable clothing
-pink tools (for february)
-perfume samples.
-fashionable safety gear
-decorative wall paper
-clean eating/cooking area
-you know those object despencers, where you put 50cents in, well have on that drops makeup.

Carlton Francis
2/7/2010 08:46:46 pm

1.Have a purse stand out front
2.Have shirtless buff guys assisting customers
3.Put mirrors in each isle
4.Put the word "sale" on the front door
5.Have make-up samples
6.Make everything pink
7.Have an all male staff
8.have couches throughout the store
9.have "chick flicks" playing on monitors throughout the store
10.Have a man greeting them at the door telling them that they look skinny
11.Have foot massagers serving them as they wait in line
12.Have trick scales that make them think they weigh less than they do
13.Have all pink power tools with glitter on them
14.Have the buff guys lift them up when something is too high to reach
15.Have a shoe stand in front of the store
16.Make it a clothes/hardware store
17.Have an area for them to leave the kids while they shop
18.Give discounts to all women
19.Have spotless restrooms
20.Have a fat free food court


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