Ok, so make sure you read this article, and give me a response below...that doesn't mean SUMMARIZE it...bunch of lazy students.... it means respond to it.  How does this relate to what we are doing RIGHT NOW with the Garden Cube project...and lets be inciteful, ok?  I know that it is a bit long, so you can break it down over a couple of days, as long as it is posted for monday.  Believe me, it directly related to what we are doing...I'm not wasting your time.

Thinking in Systems, Design & Otherwise, by DK Holland
11/14/2010 01:53:05 am

After reading the article, it made me think about the Garden Cube project. Before we were all trying to solve the wrong issues about the Garden Cube instead of thinking about the cube itself. If one cannot address the right problem, then it cannot be solved and instead we‘ll be creating more problems than solving them. As designers for the Garden Cube, it’s our job to look at each side of the box and identify any problems and solutions for them. We can’t just be designing sloppy designs without creativity that won’t even get close to the mission statement. It doesn’t mater if one is an amazing artist if one lacks inspiration, purpose and understanding of the problem “Otherwise their knowledge and skills they bring to companies and firms will be wasted”. In my opinion, I believe that we have the right ingredients for a successful team, the ingredients that Mark Randall believes are essential. We all just need to show it through our designs and I’m pretty sure that the Garden Cube is one of those designs.

Josue Vasquez
11/14/2010 07:39:41 am

When finishing the last sentences of this article it gave me flashbacks of the Garden Cube project. Like in the article states that having a design team you must always have people that are strong in areas. This reminded me of our small firm Titans of Design. We each have specific area in which we are talented in whether it be in the thinking process, drawing, and our the passion to think abnormally from others. We each have something to bring into the project. As a small firm we need to address even the smallest ideas and take them into consideration. All in all I think that this article really helped me understand more about how a team should work.

Yana Yegorova
11/14/2010 08:30:08 am

The Garden Cube project is the beginning of our own personal sustainability movements as starting graphic designers. As the new generation of artists, we must acknowledge that the design of tomorrow is the design that must last for generations, a design that must mimic the flow of ecosystems and not take shortcuts. Even though we are working on something which might only affect the community around us, as a designer one has to think of the big picture behind all ideas. The Garden Cube is an opportunity for us to create a sustainable tool that can truly affect how dependent we are on large industries, and begin a community movement of environmental change. As Holland explains, a small, diverse, and talented design group can achieve those goals, and the Titans of Design match that description perfectly. The Garden Cube is not meant to be taken just as an assignment, but as an original idea of its own, an idea that acts as a building block for our own design careers.

Sarah Fernandez
11/14/2010 11:27:46 am

This article gave me a lot of insight on what we are trying to accomplish with the Garden Cube project. We have to realize that we are not designing just for the sake of completing an assignment. We are designing for a sustainability cause, and our designs should be able to come forth and really be able to show what the whole meaning is behind the Garden Cube. The Garden Cube project can really give us young aspiring designers an opportunity to reach out to the community about the meaning behind sustainibility and environmental issues. Our designs should be able to speak for us and be unique enough to catch people's attention. Even if we are not able to reach out to hundreds of people, it is the meaning of the Garden Cube and what it stands for that truly matters. Designers need to design for a better tommorow and keep sustainibility in mind when designing. The article suggests that designers need to consider design in a broader context where sustainibility refers to not only the environment but civilization as well. Maybe people need to realize in this modern technology era, that before computers, Xbox, and other inventions came, that there was a simple primitive way of life where sustainibility mattered. That is why designers need to design for a better tommorow keeping sustainibility in mind when creating and brainstorming new ideas. The Garden Cube project gives us, the Titans of Design a chance to design for the bigger picture, and we can since we match the article's description of what qualities a "successful" design team should possess.

Anthony Catalano
11/14/2010 09:02:04 pm

This article really got me thinking about our whole class and what we are trying to accomplish with Garden Cube. The reason we are in AICE graphic design, is because we are all young, creative students that want to be involved in the design world. We already have an advantage by being young, and studying in the design field at the time of it being revised. Now we need to take the next step while doing the Garden Cube project, and make sure we are all working together, we are all doing our part, everyone is coming up with unique and creative ideas, and addressing all the right problems that arise. Once we are all on the same page, working as a team in a collaboration, the Garden Cube Project will become a success, along with everyone in the class.

Andre' T.
11/15/2010 09:22:58 am

This article really got me thinking about different ideas and advantages we as students have with the garden cube. being young and still tying to grasp the understanding of art, we can learn to work for the sustainibility of the future. learning now can help us understand what we need to keep in mind when designing to have a better future for us and others. the garden cube is a great project to express this idea with because it brings out the big idea that the article is trying to get too. it is also going to be orignal and something that diserves props. even if the cube doesnt get out very far, what matters is what it was meant to show and do. it benifits in the sustainibility movement and is our way, titans of design, to show people "THE BIG PICTURE".

Nick Nasty
11/15/2010 09:36:18 am

i believe that this article provided a variety of factors to stimulate the mind. From discussing the the bees and their importance to the ecosystem to discussing how everyone is basically a designer. Of course this article relates to the Garden Cube project. The one thing that stuck in my mind was the part discussing the need to re-imagine, redesign and how things need to die before they are reborn. This reminds me of resorting back to planting organically such as in the garden cube in correlation to the Native Americans lifestyle.
I also found it interesting how they are going back to those influential colleges that produce the majority of graphic designers and adding "sustainability" to the curriculum. As a part of the youth, I have an advantage because I can be more creative and imaginative and I have to take several views on my work considering sustainability and the outsiders "view" on my project, not "my view."

11/15/2010 10:42:56 am

This article related to how we are promoting the Garden cube and in doing so we are also raising awareness to sustainablitliy. To say this project is going to affect the whole world is a little to dreamy but you never know with the right promotion piece catching the right persons eye. Along with that the only way for a design firm to reach its peak, all members of the firm must realize their strong points and collectivly work togeather as a team to create new ideas. Just like at our firm we must cooperate with each other for some of us are better in different aspects then others.
Another thing that caught my eye in this article was when the author mentioned

“Things have to die before they get reborn. All the systems have been breaking down. They have to be reimagined. It will take generations.”

The designers of tomorrow must realize that we affect tomorrow's ideaolgy signifigantly. We can instill our ideas in our fellow humans through creative and unidue designs. We are currently in a non-renewable reasource concumption overload. But in promotion new "Green Ideas" like out garden cube we can really impact the people around us. This impact can inspire them to create change and spread the word. So to think that we are creating this Self contained box just to show off the the community is a idea that is constricted because word of our idea will travel and if it is promoted good enough, the word will spread and the Green movement will get stronger.


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