With our first step toward  understanding tracing, everyone should be proud of their work posted here...
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Mrs. McPhee
12/6/2009 08:14:08 pm

Ryan M - great job - I knew exactly who it was! Mrs. McPhee

Mrs. McPhee
12/6/2009 08:16:03 pm

Kristen A - great job! Mrs. McPhee

Mr. Bill Dake
12/6/2009 08:19:06 pm

BRAVO! wow....incredible job! I am so impressed with the level of expertise and artistic superiority displayed here! You have taken our grpahics to the next level by raising the bar! This looks like a lot of fun as well! I would personally enjoy taking this class myself!!! Thanks again!!

Mrs. Derby
12/6/2009 08:35:24 pm

They are all awesome! It amazes me how you can do this. They are all great and everyone should be proud of their work!!

Ms. Steele
12/6/2009 09:44:36 pm

Once again your students have reflected your expectations of excellence and rigor.

I am always inspired by their work. I do recognize two or three of them.

Cudos to your students performance!

Mrs. Rodriguez
12/7/2009 01:30:22 am

Great work! This is the work of talented students!

Paula Cummings
12/7/2009 09:14:53 pm

Another awesome project! Your students should be very proud of themselves. It's wonderful how you make learning so much fun!


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