So these cards were designed FROM SCRATCH by each one of my graphic 1 students, following a holiday theme.  We've got traditional ones, quarky ones, funny ones, and artistic ones... and everyone should be proud of the ones they created... I know I am!!!  Click Read More to view the cards...
Miss Hunt
12/15/2009 11:13:52 pm

Love mine! Thanks Nataly!

Marge Subock
12/15/2009 11:22:04 pm

What talent! They are beautiful. I am sure they would definitely be a great fundraiser!

Diana Lenartiene
12/15/2009 11:37:34 pm

These are beautiful cards! Your students always do such fine work!

Mrs. Evans
12/15/2009 11:42:40 pm

You can sell these cards because they are so beautiful. Great job !!!!!!

Alexandra Sanders
12/16/2009 12:36:08 am

Great job Braylin! I love my card and cannot wait for the fundraiser. Keep up the awesome work!

Mrs. Matteson
12/16/2009 02:12:18 am

Nice work! Very impressive skills!

Rita Markkowitz
12/16/2009 02:17:20 am

Great Job! When can we order a box?

Mrs. Sinnott
12/16/2009 02:27:59 am

Loved the cards - they are all extraordinary.

Thanks Leena for my beautiful card!

Mrs. Emerson
12/16/2009 06:58:10 am

These are beautiful - I am highly impressed! Special thanks to Javon for my card - I love it :)

Kim Edwards
12/16/2009 11:02:08 pm

These are fabulous, better than I have seen in any card shop. Great Job!

Marie Spranza
12/17/2009 04:05:45 am

Simply beautiful. Great talent at work.

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10/31/2010 10:55:35 pm

nice work dudez

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