One of the things we spoke about with the Comet Creative team was keeping size in mind when brainstorming and beginning to put that concept into a sketch.  Below, I've posted the actual specs. sheet from the Design Ignites Change website.  I've put that into a couple of other formats so that you may see how it breaks down, as well as the size we will be working at once we move on to making these concepts a reality....

If the final billboard will be 14' X 48' (thats 14 feet by 48 feet), that roughly breaks down to the proportion
1 foot by 3.43 feet... and if we look at that in inches, we've got 12 inches by 41.16 inches.  When setting up the document in either program, the size in inches will be what you are using.  If you haven't been using a flash drive up to this point, you are definitely going to want to use one for this part.
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11/26/2010 08:09:48 pm

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